Connecting the Grenadines

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The ferry routes between St. Vincent and Union and Grenada and Carriacou are well established, convenient and uncomplicated.  For schedules and fares, see the following links:

St Vincent to Union:   The Jaden Sun Fast Ferry

From Grenada to Carriacou   The Osprey Lines

Slower (and cheaper) services are offered between St Vincent and Union by the Barracuda and the Gemstar.  Between Grenada and Carriacou, a service is offered by the Amelia.  For slow ferry and hotel/guest house information, contact the Tourist Offices:   
Union Island:  Tel: 784-458-8350 or Email:

Travel Agent Services:
For a comprehensive hotel and private villa reservations and air travel arrangements throughout the Grenadines, contact Erika's:

The Best Day Trip Ever!
In this author's 40 year experience in the worldwide travel industry, the one day trip I would recommend above all others is the day sail on Scaramouche.  Book through Erika's or contact Martin Jennett directly at
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