Connecting the Grenadines

Using the Lady JJ

Before following any of these directions, you need to first contact Troy Gellizeau to confirm the ferry is running and to alert him that you will be travelling.                                                                                 

Call him at (1) (784) 432 5728 - or contact him on Skype "troygellizeau" or email him at
Facebook page: M/V Lady J-J

note: the service does not operate on some Grenada and St Vincent national holidays and may occasionally be re-scheduled for other reasons.  Always contact Troy in advance to confirm the current schedule and check the immigration clearance procedure.  

Please note these important directions:

A) If you are going from Union (St. Vincent) to Carriacou (Grenada)

You must clear out of St Vincent from the Union Island Airport Immigration counter by 3pm the day before departure.  Troy or his assistant will be there at roughly the same time to do the clearance, but whether he is there or not, go ahead and clear out, explaining to the immigration officer that you will be travelling on Lady JJ the next morning.  You need to fill out a departure form to do this.

The next morning you need to be at the Ashton dock by 7:30am as the Lady JJ often leaves right on time.  Since you will probably staying in Clifton, arrange a taxi the night before to pick you up. 

When you board the ferry, Troy or his assistant will take your passport and enter you on their clearance form for Grenada.  You will also need to fill out an immigration/customs form.  On arrival in Hillsborough, Troy or the assistant will take you first to customs and then to immigration.  At the immigration office which is fairly small, you relax outside (there is a nice tree for shade) while Troy begins the immigration procedures.  When Immigration needs you, they will ask you to step into the office to verify your documents.  All this takes time - it could be five minutes or it could be half an hour, depending on how many other people are clearing.  So it is best just to relax and chat to your fellow travelers, read a book or otherwise amuse yourself.  However long or short the wait, it is it is, after all, a lot more pleasant than shuffling through an immigration line in Miami or London.

Once the process is over, you find yourself in an ideal location right in the middle of Hillsborough next door to the helpful tourist office.  The taxi stand is across the road, and within short walking distance are several hotels and guest houses, shops and eateries. 

If you are not staying on Carriacou -a delightful island worth a few days visit - and must continue right away to Grenada, there is at least time to take a short taxi tour, or go to Paradise Beach for a swim or have a relaxing lunch before the Osprey ferry leaves at 3:30pm (from the same dock as the one you arrived at)


B) If you are going from Carriacou to Union

On the day of departure either :
a) go to the Immigration Office in Hillsborough  with your passport before noon and tell them you are going on Lady JJ.  Fill out the departure form, and pay the EC$20 departure tax.  Note: Immigration is closed for lunch between 12 noon and 1pm.  
                                                                       - or -
b) if you are arriving on the Osprey from Grenada, go to the Customs Building and wait for Captain Troy to meet you.  He will take your documents and exit fee and clear you out. 

Check with Troy to verify what time he is going.  He will want to leave at 2:00pm and you must be ready to go then.  But he may have some late deliveries of cargo and you might not actually leave until a bit later - this is the Caribbean!  If you need to wait for the Lady JJ to finish loading cargo, there are a couple of bars nearby the docks where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

When you get to Union Island, things can get a little confusing.  You arrive in Ashton but have to go to the airport at Clifton to clear in through Immigration.  Troy or his assistant will go with you in a mini-bus to do the clearance.  You need to pay the mini-bus driver the fare on arrival at the airport - usually EC$3.00 per person although they have been known to charge more.  (If you are staying somewhere that is not within walking distance of the airport, it is as best to ask the mini-bus driver if he will wait for you.  At that point he will cease to be a “mini-bus” and will become a “taxi” and a different fare will apply.  You might want to check what that will be.)  Often, but not always, you take your luggage into the customs hall.  You also have to fill in the immigration/customs form for St. Vincent.  Once you have been cleared through customs, you go to the immigration counter where they will check you in.  You reclaim your passport and are, at last, officially arrived in Union Island. 

The whole process from the Ashton dock to leaving immigration takes at least half an hour, and often more, so a degree of patience is called for.

Important:  Because if the uncertainties about timing on the return, it is not advisable to arrange a departure from Union for the same day - unless it is after, say, 5pm.  Usually you would stay in Union at least overnight.  

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